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The Book of Everything?

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I was wondering if there are any books covering a large amount of topics in a broad subject like Physics. Like a book that goes from basic physics and builds on that and moves into more advanced topics like relativity, etc.

Anyone know of a book like that (any subject really, it doesn't have to be physics) ?
You mean a book that's very light, but just so that you're able to touch a bit of everything without going into detail? Or a dense book that covers many of the topics in the key areas with the additional restriction of rigor?
I think you would like "Road to Reality" by Roger Penrose.
Basic Concepts of Physics by Chalmers Sherwin. Should be in many university libraries. Covers mechanics, relativity, E&M, QM, and stat mech. What's really interesting about this book is how numerical computation is emphasized.

Malcolm Longair, Theoretical Concepts in Physics.

Ian D. Lawrie, A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics.
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I found a mint copy of Road to Reality" by Roger Penrose in a second hand bookstore for £2.

I'm finding it a bit challenging at the moment...

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