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The Earth's Electric Field and the size of Dinosaurs.

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    Hello, I have heard a theory on how the Earth's electric field is presently stronger than it was at the time of the dinosaurs. The theory reasons that larger dinosaurs, like say a Brontasaurus (pardon spelling) were simply too massive in size and weight for their bodies to be held up by their bones and ligaments. Therefore, the theory reasons, that the Earth's gravity was weaker back then and this weakness can be attributed to the fact that the Earth's electric field was also weaker back then.

    That said, I do not necessarily agree with this theory, but it is quite interesting to ponder. Some questions about it pop into one's mind. Some questions like:

    1). What is the present energy of the Earth's electric field and is there any physical evidence of weaker electric fields at the time of the dinosaurs?

    2) What are the tensile strengths of a Brontasaurus' supporting bones? Are they strong enough to support the stresses a walking Brontasaurus frame would put on them?

    3) How much does the Earth's electric field contribute to the Earth's total gravity, considering its mass contributes to this total as well?

    I thank you for your attention. If you would like to add some answers or more questions I would be thankful.

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    #3 is the easy one: none at all.

    That link is to a crackpot website and we don't allow such things here. It is best to just learn science from reputable sources.
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