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News The Marshall Plan

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    Okay, the Marshall Plan has been mentioned many times recently as some sort of catch-all excuse for everything happening in the Middle East. In fact, one user (who doesn't actually know anything about the Marshall Plan) tends to simply answer everything about Iraq with "It's the Marshall Plan, idiot!". Now, for those who don't know (including the one who keeps mentioning it), the Marshall Plan was a scheme from the late 1940s to bolster western Europe against the "growing Communist threat". That's pretty much it. American money going to Europe to bolster economies which were troubled after WW2.


    Sorry russ, but you're off track again.
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    Jesus! Can you be anymore hypocritical, after RUINING so many threads, spouting about ad hominem, etc?!?! I have no clue why this doesn't result in a ban

    In before the lock/delete
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    Phat M , Watzup wit dat. Adam is right the Marshall Plan (LOOK AT THE LINK) I notice when you and Russ don't care to discuss a point/thread civilly you try to get it locked, maybe I'm wrong after all its JMHO.
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    Yes, it is US who are targeting Adam :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    In one line manages an ad hominem, and a lie, and a false quote......

    " In fact, one user (who doesn't actually know anything about the Marshall Plan) tends to simply answer everything about Iraq with "It's the Marshall Plan, idiot!". "

    And I am the one who is lacking civility?
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    I'm not sure where you get the idea that the Marshall Plan has anything to do with the problems in the Middle East. I never said it.
    Putting something in quotes that isn't a quote is called a LIE and calling someone an "idiot" is a personal attack.

    No, Adam, I'll not be stooping to your level. If you want to have a reasonable discussion about this, let me know. Otherwise....no.
    Amp, you may notice, most of the threads in here that have been locked lately have been started by one specific person. There is a reason for that. Also, remember, I don't have the power to lock threads in here and the person who does agrees with Adam more than he agrees with me - and he still feels the need to lock those threads. That should also tell you something.
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    I'll give you that Russ, I apologize. It was looking to me like you and PM were out to provoke emotional outbursts where the burster <chuckle> tended to get out of line.
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    amp, if you really do want to talk about the Marshal plan. Start a new thread, throw your thoughts on it, and let's discuss! :smile:
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    There are many guilty parties getting threads locked. Go down to the store and buy a mirror, all of you, before posting anything else, ok?
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