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News The United States: your positive and negative

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    The U.S. seems caught in a love-hate relationship with the rest of the world. What would you say is our most admirable quality, and what the most detestable?
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    I think the most admirable quality is your professionaism and work ethics. Thats why everyone from India wants to pursue atleast a post graduate degree in the U.S...to inculcate some of this into our own work.
    As for the most detestable...well...maybe that America is thought of as the beginning and the end of the world(atleast it appears like that)
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    The easy one first :biggrin: , negative : arrogance towards the rest of the world - "us & US against the rest attitude" (lack of honest global "solidarity", inability to truly tolerate & handle dissimilarity etc.)

    Positive : the American dream and its spirit - reflects on entrepreneurship, innovation, frame of mind of people, productivity etc.
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    Not sure that America has an arrogant attitude towards the rest of the world, but perhaps more of an ignorant and inconsiderate one because our culture has spoiled many of us. Of course, not every American has this quality either.

    America is great because our immigration laws welcome so many, unlike other countries. Our quality of life is a top concern, and when real disasters happen (such as the Tsunami), we give a lot of aid. I think our generousity is forgotten, but our negative actions are not.

    America can do better with taking care of it's own people I think. Not in the sense of welfare, but our structure of how our healthcare programs are run. I just read in the news that a study showed that those paying health insurance premiums will bear the brunt of the bills not paid by the uninsured. I don't think this is fair to those who are working hard to pay these premiums, as it only makes costs rise, and more become uninsured. A cycle that is sure to go nowhere but financial disaster for our nation's healthcare system.
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    Most admirable: the reality of the American Dream, in its action (optimism, work force, sense of responsability, respect for competence, social mobility...)

    Most detestable: the dogma of the American Dream (its lack of respect for other views, and its inability to listen to others, the idea of own superiority).
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    Negative: American foreign policy.
    Positive: American art.
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    Positive: the fantasy - if America behaved in line with the principles of the Federation in Star Trek. (This is how I believe America sees herself)
    Negative: the reality - America behaves more in keeping with the principles of the Borg and the Ferengi (This is how the rest of the world sees America)
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    Negative: The American Left
    Positive: Just about everything else.

    Rev Prez
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    Positives: Protestant work ethic, the natural meritocracy of entrepeneurial capitalism, perseverance, strength. Geography is a huge plus as well. The cultural diversity you find in the big cities is another plus.

    Negatives: Being extremely powerful naturally magnifies all of our mistakes and intensifies the criticism directed at us. As should be obvious, nations get as defensive as individuals do when criticized. This leads to stubborness and a sense of self-righteous justification in the face of accusations. That and the lack of notable artistic achievements. I love jazz and bluegrass music, but aside from these, the only thing I can think of is the Hollywood film.
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    another great thing about america is the geographic diversity, as loseyourname hinted at. we have so many different climates and weather zones here. if we were to split america up in countries according to these geographic differences, we would have many different nations!
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    Positive: They're Rock and Roll

    Negative: They're Politics and Media
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    Positive: The post secondary education system, stability, and having all of the freedoms needed to live a normal, happy life.

    Negatives: Our media and its constant sensationalism, the polarization of the country on political issues, and the shift toward hardcore nationalism among more and more citizens after 9/11. Being proud of your contry is one thing, but if you feel you can't criticize a democracy's political choices because of a party affiliation or something else, then something is wrong, and it isn't healthy for the country.
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    Pro: toleration, independence, an incredible "can-do" attitude, the will power to first teach ppl to dream and then purue them.

    Con: ignorance! propaganda, unintelligent opinions...lots of little 'punks' running around bashing the government and Bush just because their local Hot Topic told them to...the worst thing i see in our country is that the citezens (*some citezens* please dont think i'm grouping everyone into this category) have become so spoiled and created such false 'havens' for themselves that they forget about the world, and dont feel a need to know what is REALLY going on...
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    Pro: The ideals of freedom and justice. Even though the reality is not perfect I believe plenty of people have worked very hard for these ideals to be realized as much as they have been.

    Con: The current culture that is more commerial than... "natural" maybe.. I'm not sure what word I'm looking for here so I hope you understand what I mean.
    Devisivness and seperatism based on ignorance and arrogance. And I mean from all sides not just the rightwing groups that are mostly highlighted for these things.
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    This thread is beginning to remind me of Christopher Reeve in the first Superman movie saying with a perfectly straight face and sincere tone that he fights for "truth, justice, and the American way." A beautiful moment in film history.
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    Pro: Where to begin...in only a little more than 200 years this country has been built from shore to shore, beginning with a governmental system to ensure democracy and freedom, invention and advancement including accomplishments such as going to the moon, an incredible military, high standard of living, diversity, and, well I'll stop here.

    Cons: We need more respect for the resources we've already used and often squandered, continue to invest in the people who built this country (the American workers), to protect the checks and balances that ensure democracy and freedom, continue to invest in invention and advancement, not abuse our military strength, and maintain tolerance of diversity. Add to that the need for more understanding of the world outside our borders--to have mutual respect for other countries, and form policies that will help the world to be a truly better place.
  18. Jun 19, 2005 #17
    Are u for real we go there to get big bucks. An engineering job here will fetch u Rs20000(per month $500) but in US it would give you $5000.
    But I guess you will get a lot of funding and freedom for your research(and you could escape from the overpop in India).

    Pro:I donno
    Con: I donno
    Since I never lived there
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  19. Jun 24, 2005 #18
    Pro: diversity, opprotunity, high standard of living, "american dream",
    Con: division, american self-hate, the willingness of some to do anything for money/power/publicity, but mostly division between left/right

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    Its hard for me to figure a pro/can list because the US is so friggen big and diverse. One person in Oklahoma can say he loves the freedom of gun ownership but being here in California, i dont have a clue about what hes talking about. They could also say they love the few government regulations in Montana but again, in California i have no idea what they are talking about. They could also claim in Utah that its time consuming nad hard to vote but in California, i can throw a dart at a map and land on a voting station when it comes time to vote.

    As for the view of the US, its crap again because of the huge diversity of the US. Everyone seems to think theres some ignorance in Americans (even though it applies similarly to their own nation but they wont admit it) but theres probably an incredible amount of reasons as to why that happens. Many of hte most vocal people in the US have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. A large amount of people get their information from that daily show which is on a station devoted entirely to comedy (as is the show) and these people for some reason have a huge voice.

    Another problem is that ironically enough, the reasons people hate America are reasons brought about by the people who complain about people hating America. If you filter everyone through the left-right concept, most of the problems people have with America are caused by people on the left. Unfortunately most people around the world dont understand that if you can simplify the population into about 3 or 4 groups, each group probably wants another group to drop off the face of the earth and do many things and believe in many things in complete contradiction to the other groups.

    I think we're just too big to have a reasonable pro-con debate here.
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    lol yah. God knows how quickly you get yelled at and criticized if you dare critized a Kerry voter or a democrat. Pretty much not allowed to support the President in this country...
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