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Thermal Physics Textbooks

  1. Apr 13, 2014 #1
    Hi again,

    I'm looking for a book to self study thermal physics/statistical mechanics. I would like one with an abundance of worked examples and problems with solutions as well. I've browsed through a few other threads and found these were the general "good" books deemed by the community:

    Thermal physics by Schroeder
    Thermal physics by Kittel and Kromer
    Statistical physics by Reif
    Concepts of thermal physics by Blundell and Blundell

    And of course, other recommendations are welcome as well.

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    The Schroeder book is pretty decent. It might not fill all your criteria (like solutions to exercises). I think it would be a good choice for self study, as it is easy to follow where the author is going.

    I would not recommend Kittel and Kromer for self study. It can be hard to understand if you haven't had an introduction to the subject (and even then...). I can't comment on the other two books you mention.
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    Dr Transport

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    Reif is not the easiest book to read. He wrote a Berkeley series book in statistical physics, start there and the move on to Reif. Also, Zemansky wrote a really good text on thermodynamics.
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    I second that opinion.
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