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Thermodynamic potential and energy density in cosmic models

  1. Oct 19, 2012 #1
    I'm reading this paper


    It's about the authors' consideration of the Mass Varying Neutrino model with a new approach that try to explain the cosmic acceleration then.

    I often encounter the thermodynamic potential during reading and re-calculating the equations. However, I'm not sure I got its meaning right, also the relation of thermodynamic potential and energy density. According to D part in Section I, the energy density is [itex]\rho = \frac{\partial\Omega}{\partial m}[/itex] where Ω is the thermodynamic potential density and m is the mass.

    However, with that definition I couldn't achieve (72),(73) later.

    By the way, I found how to evaluate the integral (31) but couldn't do that with (73), which is [itex]\int_k^\inf \frac{z^2\sqrt{z^2-k^2}}{e^z+1}dz[/itex].

    Any help would be appreciate. Thank you!
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