Thermodynamics of Multicomponent Systems

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    Can someone provide me with a general understanding of the steps involved in completing this problem. How do I get started?

    Calorimetric data on triethylamine (EA)-benzene (B) solutions at 298.15 K were obtained and follow the following expression: Hmix – [xBHB + (1 - xB)HEA] = xB(1 - xB)[1418 - 482.4(1 - 2xB) + 187.4(1 – 2xB)3]

    (a)Develop expressions for (HB - HB) and (HEA - HEA). Note that Hi is the partial molar enthalpy of a species.

    (b)Compute values for (HB - HB) and (HEA - HEA) at xB = 0.5. (c) One mole of a 25 mol% benzene mixture is to be mixed with one mole of a 75 mol% benzene mixture at 298.15 K. How much heat must be added or removed from the process to be isothermal?
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    Check your PMs. This needs to be posted in the Homework Help, Chemistry forum, and you need to show your work toward a solution. This thread is locked.
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