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Thw wind tunnel making!

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    Hi friends
    I am a mechaincal engg. student and I asked yesterday my professor of fluid mechanics that there should be a educational wind tunnel in our laboratory to understand concepts of streamlines, lift and drag better and visually. He replied me with a challenge that I should make such a thing which even can be one of my projects.
    Now I can make the casing covering of transparent glass fibre, setup to hold the shape to be analysed and can attach a fan for wind and everything else but the main problem is of streamlines. How can I show them? I mean what to mix with air to show streamlines. How to show them? Can anyone help please? I have to make that thing!
    Thanx in advance very much! :)
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    You'll want a smoke generator of some sort, such as an incense stick.
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    Another way is to attach tiny streamers or flags to the object in the tunnel.
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    what are tiny streamers or flags. can you explain a bit more?
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    Little strips of light-weight and flexible cloth or paper or string (wool yarn is good).

    They string out in the tunnel airstream like a windsock in the breeze at an airfield or a flag at the back of a ship.

    A little experimentation with the fixing method
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