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Homework Help: Ti-83 plus

  1. Feb 23, 2006 #1
    I just got the caluclator and I love it.

    Someone told there is a way to save formulas and all you have to do is enter the number and it will work it for you.

    Do any of you guys know EXACTLY where I can get it?

    My friend also has megaman on his, how do I get that?
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    I don't think this is really homework related...

    I reccomend that you read the manual. It will describe how you can program the calculator, thus allowing you to program in whatever functions or games that you like. It will also teach you how to use the link cable to transfer data such as games between calculators.

    Writing a program that will perform some task, such as finding the roots of a quadratic, is a good learning experience and can help you to have an understanding of the underlying mathematics. Simply copynig "cheat" programs that other people have written will not teach you anything, and very well may hinder your own learning process.
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    :surprised What blashpemy!!!! You never saw people playing megaman on a Post 1460 Versalog, a Faber Castell 83N Novoduplex, or a Pickett N4-ES Dual Base Hyperbolic Speed Rule. :grumpy:

    Programming formulas might eventually be a good idea once you have a job and find you're using the same formula(s) over and over. It's going to cause you problems if you do that for classes, though.
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    I'm going to add my two cents here (not that it's needed!) I fondly recall taking a hard final with my piddly little scientific *non-graphing* calculator. As I walked out I noticed someone I didn't like pounding out an answer using a program...using the wrong program, as it turns out. :biggrin:

    I now have a TI-92 and love it for the programming capability. But I rarely use features that I don't know how to do already by hand...that way I'm not a slave to the calculator. I use the same philosophy when I use Mathematica, Maple, etc. These fancy toys are merely gadgets and we always need to make sure we can do our work without them, otherwise we don't learn nearly as much.

    Okay, preaching accomplished! o:) I'll stop now.

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    As often as Mathematica is unable to actually perform an integral, or worse, is actually wrong, I tend to only use it only to double-check my work.

    - Warren
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    I strongly suggest not storing formulas in your calculator for the above reasons! It pays to understand formulas rather than just storing them (for the purpose of testing).

    You can download games for your calculator from http://ticalc.org" [Broken] if you have the TI connectivity kit.
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