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Calculators TI-89: Can I Get Commas to Separate 000 ?

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    TI-89: Can I Get Commas to Separate "000"?

    Is there a way that I can set my TI-89 up so that when it shows large numbers, there are commas separating the "000"?

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    Sorry, I don't think so. Maybe you can try using scientific notation to make large numbers easier to read.
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    That looks like a bulky program--it has so many garbage functions! Natively, (i.e. no apps used) there is no way, and I don't see how commas are better anyhow. You'd just have to take them out if you use them in calculations. But if you want to install that, sure.
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    Well, when dealing with large numbers, short of counting the zeros, I personally can't tell what the number is.

    Math never was my strong point.
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    Re: TI-89: Can I Get Commas to Separate "000"?

    I know what you mean..

    I haven't found a way to add comma's yet but what you can do is approx.

    (diamond key) -> enter

    This gives a value to the 10th power.
    i.e. 18200000 -> 1.82e^7

    at least this way you don't have to count the zero's
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