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Ti NSpire cx - 2 questions, last equation, and touch pad?

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    Sorry, title limited on what I could type. I just got this calculator and am having two big issues with it.

    1) I cannot figure out how to reuse my most recently typed equation. For example if I type in a insanely long multiple variable equation and evaluate, the only way I can figure out how to get it back is to type it all out again, if I want to change something and re-evaluate. On my Ti 89 I could just do 2nd + Entry.

    2) How can I disable the touch pad? I have no desire to use it and I see no reason to use it, and it is causing me to misclick through the menus way too often.
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    Hm the ctrl+c and ctrl+v combo works for the equations I tried, but it's a little tedious.

    I had tried scrolling up and clicking to bring the equation back down, but I specifically was unable to get this to do anything with summation operations. The copy and paste method should make due for now... thanks!
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