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Time Dilation/Gravitational Theories Needed for Short Film

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    Hi Everyone,

    I hope everyone had a very enjoyable holiday season.

    Currently I'm developing a short film to shoot later this year. Being ever fascinated with the natural universe and also theoretical physics this film will be a welcome new approach to the science fiction genre. The goal is to have it very based in reality but with a fantastical element in it that is of a theoretical physical nature.

    The very early premise and start to the story is about a young man who has just moved into a new abode and quickly discovers an area in the room that seems to operate very differently than the rest of the natural world. The rest of the story will be developed once more ideas are solidified but this film will be a visually compelling story involving physics as a science fiction element.

    What I'm interested to hear and have a discussion about is what sort of 'frame work' within special relativity/time dilation/gravitational warp can such oddities occur?

    Obviously there are many concepts which we understand cannot randomly happen in such a setting as mentioned above, but this is where film gets fun - you can explore these ideas...

    Looking forward to hearing any and all thoughts for this discussion.

    Many Thanks,

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    It sounds like you want to have a black hole floating in this guy's sitting room, and this is the natural candidate for a source of signicant time dilation and space curvature. Still, a black hole with a radius of circa 10cm will have a mass of around 20 earth masses or more, and would easily obliterate the guy's house and the entire Earth. Still, it's science fiction. ;)
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    Hahaha so true espen - and that's been the problem I've run into researching myself. How do I have a physical anomaly without it destroying the house as you've said?
    Maybe there's something more experimental or highly theoretical out there I'm uneducated in..?

    Another note - it doesn't necessarily have to be of significant dilation - maybe the fun gets the stranger this idea gets...
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    George Jones

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    Yeah that has definitely jumped into my head a few times George, and I appreciate the response.

    (To George or anyone) How do you feel about how wormholes or behave in movies? Can it be done better, or more interestingly?

    Also - can wormholes exist and not act as transportation devices in space - but rather only in time?
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    He jumps into the wormhole, travels throguh negative proper time and ends up violating casuality? :O Sounds like a plot device!

    Yes, wormholes are "portals in space-time", meaning it is "possible" to travel back in time (given that entry into the wormhole is an option, see http://casa.colorado.edu/~ajsh/schww.html" [Broken])
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    I like where your head's at espen - especially the idea of negative time...

    Actually that's really compelling now that I think about it. So if one were to be able to travel himself, or an object through negative time - would that create a time loop? Or have other adverse effects?
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    Jump in one and tell us about it. Since noone has traveled backwords in time before, there is no definitive answer (empirical evidence) to that, it's all speculation. That's where artistic freedom comes into play. :)

    Personally I don't find the loop theory appealing. It's like ereasing yourself from relity, since the rest of the world is moing on, which means dissapearence of mass and energy. You basically be transported somewhere else in space/time (is my view).
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    Actually this is the future version of me - and the film has already been made to great success. And I wanted to travel in negative time to thank you for the idea... :)
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    All the best. Good luck with your picture. :)
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    you could try using one that is kinda convincing, a russian scientist in an experiment found out that a rotating superconductor can create a gravitational anomaly. I mean basically if one can create a force that simulates gravity then you could assume it could alter spacetime. And then call the temporary anomaly a blackhole or wormhole. Well goodluck with everything though
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    I would suggest you ask this question on the usenet group rec.arts.sf.science. The ratio of kooks to knowledgeable people is not quite as low as on this forum, but there are some very knowledgeable scientists participating in the group, and since the group is specifically about science fiction, you might get more helpful answers. If you're not familiar with usenet, the easiest way to access the group for the first time is via a web browser using google groups, http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.sf.science
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    I appreciate the suggestion to check out the usenet forum. I will swing by that and take a look.

    I did however want to appeal to the minds of Physics Forums for the more academic approach or concepts - with the goal of taking those higher academic ideas and translating them.
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    Relativity - The value of measures

    a suggestion for a sci-fi short movie:
    A young boy who had just moved into a new abode and quickly discovered his curiousity about the world.
    He devised a method for measuring lengths: As Alexander the Great, he used his Foot Lenght to measure the dimensions of his kingdom.
    And methodically he recorded all measures because he has a general sense that his kingdom is 'imploding'.
    Year after year the recorded measures clearly show him that 'space is shrinking'.
    One Christmas he asked Santa Claus to give him access to the Universe Wide Web.
    As a newbie he googled for wormholes, black-holes, dark matter, dark energy, space shrink, and nothing give him a clue.
    After a lifetime of googling he asked Santa Claus: Give me a clue, please.
    Kindly he replied: google for 'Earth Portal - Ancient Myths'.
    He finally discovered that he was growing.
    Then he decided to make a movie, before he had to move to a larger place, and named it 'Relativity - The value of measures'.
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    The weird area of the room might have a special gravity barrier box (or something) under the carpet put there by the last owner of the house and when the main character looks under the carpet he finds the mysterious box and opens it to reveal a wormhole and .......

    hmmm, not any physics in there but all I got are ideas for the plot XD
  17. Jan 4, 2010 #16
    Relativity - The value of measures, time dilation

    Oh, I forgot the 'time dilation effect'.
    He also noticed that his heart beat rate (his clock) was much accelerated when he was a boy as compared to his present value. And he named it 'time dilation effect'

    The end.
    PS: any character and situation was not taken from any real case, from any real world.
    It is only a sci-fi movie, for entertainment.
    Argument by 'alien'
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