TOEs and animate matter

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Theories of Anything appear to be concerned with the fate of matter and the universe. No consideration is given to the unbelievable complexity of animate matter. Presumbely the laws that allow this complexity to emerge are attributed to chemistry and the laws of chance alone and they are in no way connected to the TOEs.


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The laws of chemistry, even at present, can be derived from the known laws of physics. In turn biology should presumably be derivable from chemistry, though this is a very hard problem given the complexity of biological material and hence biology is a long way from being able to do this (not to critisize biologists!).

The main point though is that TOE extensions to the current standard model of particle physics are unlikely to impact greatly, if at all, on chemistry or biology.


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When people hear "Theory of Everything" they automatically think "Oh! All our problems are solved!" Not so. While Physics is the most fundamental science, like Wallace said, even though everything should follow from it, that's a big leap there.

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