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Topics in mathematics

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    For a mathematical methods course, the end of year assignment is to study and present a topic in mathematics of my choice. I'd like to pick something directly related to electrodynamics that will prove to be useful later. However, I have very little idea of what is used in electrodynamics! Does anyone have a suggestion?

    This is a sophomore/junior level course. My mathematics background so far is Calc 1,2, multivariable, vector, and diff. eqs.

    Thank you very much for your time!
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    I'm not sure whether you are up to it, but Fourier analysis would fit right in.
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    Fourier series would probably be enough for an undergraduate level.
    Vector calculus (div, grad, curl) from a physics, rather than a mathematical point of view would also be good.
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    Maybe some rudimental tensor calculus? Our electrodynamics course was based on Landau&Lifshitz.
    First google result: link. This is fairly sufficient and not much for an undergraduate level course.
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