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Torque required

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    Here's my problem, I want to choose a motor to drive my load but I'm not sure about those choices as motor characteristics are given in torque. I want to know what is the MINIMUM Torque required to be able to rotate my load. I thought about T=rFsin(theta), but not sure how it would apply to my system. The gear configuration should also provide me with some extra torque, so all I want to know what would the minimum be??

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    You have not given enough information to calculate torque or any other parameter necessary for motor selection.
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    What is your arrangement? This figure shows that you are only going to rotate a shaft. Aren't there pulley's and other stuff? Because more the mass is distributed along the axis more will be the starting torque required. So you should be a little specific.
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    I admit reading it again, maybe I was a little vague. The extra parameters you would be talking about would be the speed that I would wan to move at? If so, that would be hard to say as I would be sending a variable PWM signal, the actual term is called Microstepping- where I simulate as close as possible to a sine wave curve, this would give me a smoother operation so the theory says. Anyway if there are other parameters, please point me in the direction, so I could get them and do any necessary calculations.

    I don't think that there will be any pulleys or anything else, the vertical shaft is what will be holding my satellite receiver, and to me it seems the simplest solution to just attach the receiver dish via a bracket of some sort to the shaft that rotates.
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