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Transfering files from slave HD

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    I recently got a new computer with Windows Vista on it. I got rid of my old computer that had Windows XP, but kept the old HD (MAXTOR 5T030H3) as it has some important files on it. I was hoping I could install the old HD into the new computer and burn the files to a dvd or something, but for some reason whenever I start up the computer with the old HD in it, I get a blue error screen. I'm assuming this is because the old HD isn't compatible with the new computer.

    But I was able to put the old HD into the new computer and set it to slave. So I turn on my computer and I have a C drive (new HD) and a D drive (old HD). I am able to view, copy & paste most files from my old HD, but one of the folders won't open. Whenever I try to open it, it says Access Is Denied.

    Is there anyway I can transfer over the files from that folder to the other HD?
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    ...and the reason for the BSOD error when you install it is it has windows on it and the drivers for the old computer won't play well with the new hardware.
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    Thanks guys. Taking ownership worked perfectly. :D
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