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Transformers : flux leakage and saturation current

  1. Nov 4, 2013 #1
    Can anyone explain why saturation current and flux leakage are not related?

    saturation current = current where all the magnetic domains are aligned right?

    flux leakage = flux from the primary that doesn't reach the 2ndary

    can someone also explain why, flux leakage causes a increase in inductance? (shouldn't it decrease inductance as L = flux/i )
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    Where a current in a coil produces flux which links that coil you have inductance. The more flux that is produced by the current, the more self-inductance you have.

    In an ideal transformer, a resistive load on the secondary is reflected and seen on the primary side as a resistive load on the primary power supply. If the primary current also produces some flux which links only the primary coil, that is seen as inductance on the primary side. The more flux leakage that current causes, the greater the self-inductance.
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