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Tresca and Von mises question

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    (need help with the following question)
    A slender bar with rectangular cross section is subjected to tensile loading along its longitudinal direction. During the test, a compressive stress of 120MPa is always maintained in one of the two axes orthogonal to the longitudinal direction. The yield strength, Youngs modulus and Poisson's ratio of the material are 320MPa, 120Gpa and 0.3 respectively. Calculate the stress along the tensile axis that causes yielding predicted by the Tresca as well as von Mises criteria.
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    What's your question? This probably should be in the homework section.
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    Easy plug-and-chug problem, unless I'm missing something. I guess the difficulty is determining what information is relevant. Doesn't seem to me that "slender," "E," or "PR," are relevant for you, since the applied stresses are given.
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