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Tube railing travel

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    I am considering a tube railing system to transport a carriage. It will incorporate gear track/gear drive motion. I wish to support this on 1" to 1 1/2" steel tubing. the rate of travel will be 6' a second.

    Is this possible on such small deminsions. I have had experience on much larger tubing and the speed was not a factor. I fear the smaller gear and gear track will limit speed and duty cycle.

    I am also having problems finding Gear Track and Drive gears. All I have found are plastic and I feel will not hold up.

    Also, gear track found is for flat mounting and not concave to match tubing. I do not wish to employ costly machining to set Track.

    Duty cycle will be 5 to 10 seconds with rests up to 10 seconds. Duration of use can be upto 24 hours but will be more aptly 8 hours.

    Distance of travel 6', return 6'. (Complete Cycle.

    Thank you,
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