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Type TeX directly into Word

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    Many of you have gotten comfortable with TeX/LaTeX as a result of this forum, so I wanted to let you know that with MathType 6.5 for Windows (released yesterday), you can now type TeX directly into Word and change the code into a MathType equation either by clicking a toolbar icon, or with the shortcut Alt+\. If you want to edit the equation, you can toggle it back to TeX the same way. You need MathType in order to do this, but you never have to open it if you don't want -- you just have to have it installed.

    MathType Product Page

    Bob Mathews
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    Now, what would even be cooler is incorporating [Handwritten] Ink (from a TabletPC)...

    The Microsoft Equation Writer, however, only generates an image of the rendered equation, which can't be edited....
    unlike the editable result from the Equation Editor or from MathType. (It seems to me that Microsoft stopped short of making the connection to the Equation Editor.)
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