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Ultrasonic Transducer interfacing help.

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    Yesterday I bought an Ultrasonic Transducer pair. i am trying to work with it. i am giving a 40khz square wave 14Vpp(peak to peak) to the transmitter and trying to receive it through the receiving transducer. but cannot get any voltage at the receiver. please help me out...
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    without seeing your circuits I cant tell you where you may have made an error

    but here is a ultrasonic transmitter and receiver circuit.....




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    Why have you driven your transmitting transducer with a square wave? I have, after more than 25 years in specialized sonar, never heard of using a square wave drive signal! Where did you get that plan? Why not use a sine wave? Piezeoelectric materials react well to sine waves. Think about it: a square wave is really an infinite number of odd harmonics superimposed. Sound in air does not propagate by changing pressure levels from zero to maximum instantaneously.
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