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Uncontacted tribes

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    I never of them before :eek:


    Its really surprising that few of them are of black color (or maybe they painted themselves black?) I think black ones are females .

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    Nice picture, it captures a moment of our past.

    We must appear as gods to them.
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    Now that's an interesting discovery. I especially like the picture of the warriors prepping to shoot arrows at the plane or helicopter.


    It's nice to think that there's still tribes out there that still haven't been influenced by outside culture.
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    no no .. we are not gods, majority we are predators :biggrin:
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    What the freak is that black noise maker flying above us?...Lets shoot arrows at it!

    That's crazy. :bugeye:
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    'We do not need to make contact with them. We need to protect them. We need to completely leave them alone, but it sure would be nice to fly over once and a while and study their habits.'

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    I'm sure we appear to be quite the opposite.
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    Are aliens thinking the same way?
    Because of our own good, they just staying away from us.

    My Algebra professor compared us to some tribe named Peruhara (I forgot the exact name) who lack abstraction - they are really interesting and dumb people. I don't remember exactly what he said but something like if you are walking in straight line and then take a turn, you would become invisible to them llol
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    Wow! That is pretty interesting, thanks for posting :smile:
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    Throw empty glass coke bottles at them. Bahahahahaha.
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    Magic demon crystals!

    *edit* That just reminded me of the tribe that was in Joe vs. the Volcano. lol
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    Those two movies have got to be some of my favorites, ever!
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    There is a movie like that :smile:

    Edit: note to self, read rest of postings. Nevermind
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    That would be the Piraha. I wrote this back in 2004.

    Since my links are broken, I will just throw this article in for now.

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    Wow, that's crazy. That has some profound implications in it about the nature of human development.
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    I don't know much about linguistics, but I had a prof in college who was fascinated by mathematical notation. He believed that the influence of notation on mathematical thought was huge.

    After learning Dirac notation, I found it certainly changed the way I thought about quantum mechanics. The notation became a scaffold for my thinking.

    So if notation can influence how one thinks of mathematical concepts, I can see how language could influence thought.

    But it seems that it would be hard to distinguish the influence of language from the influence of culture.
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