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Understanding of thermal processes?

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    Can someone please help me with my physical understanding of thermal processes?

    This is what I understand thus far, is it right? Also I have some questions :P
    Isochoric: Lock the piston in place while heating/cooling.
    Adiabatic: Push or pull out the piston very fast.
    Isobaric: Slowly heat a gas and let the piston pull out. (What is the analogue for compression?)

    Isothermal: ? I don't really how an isothermal process occurs physically

    Thanks :)
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    Re: Isobaric,isothermal,isochoric,adiabatic

    Perform the process in a constant-temperature bath, and go slowly enough that the system is always equilibrated at this temperature.
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    Re: Isobaric,isothermal,isochoric,adiabatic

    Ah ok, thanks Mapes
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