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Homework Help: Units of mass- 2.99e+05 tonne

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    Im a studying designer currently working with an engineering CAD program. I have calcualted the mass of the part using an analysis feature in the program. However, I have very little engineering interlect and cannot completely understand the results.

    The returned result is 2.9955623e+05 TONNE

    If anyone can help me understand this it would be much appreciated.


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    Are you asking about the scientific notation or the unit? A 'tonne' usually means a metric ton, which is 1000 kilograms. The number is "computerese" (it goes back to FORTRAN notation) for the value expressed in scientific notation; here, this would be 2.9955623ยท10^5 or 299,556.23 (which is probably way more significant figures than the number is good for...).
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    1 tonne = 2204.6226 pounds

    It's called a metric ton.

    You got the 2.99 x 10^5 part of it I'm guessing.
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    I appreciate your immediate reply

    I thought that may be the conversion but does that mean that it is 299,000 tonnes!? If so the density assigned to the part is incorrect so I must change it
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    What did you use for the density? Does the input want kilograms per cubic meter or grams per cubic centimeter? (That would make a difference of a factor of 1000.)
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