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Using phone w/ PC VOIP application

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    This may be ridiculous, but here goes.........

    I have a VOIP application on my desktop (for work) that I use at home with a simple headset with red and green speaker / microphone jacks. My standard 2-line speakerphone sitting next to my laptop at home obviously has a speaker and a microphone. Is there some way I can attach one of the phone ports of my phone to the PC jacks and use the physical phone instead of a the headset with the VOIP application? I don't care about ringing, I just want to use the speaker / microphone of the phone instead of the headset. I also don't want to go out and buy a speciality VOIP or dual use phone. I just want to use what I have.

    I can imagine an adapter box that has a std phone jack on one side and PC style speaker / microphone jacks on the other. If it can (or can't) be done, can someone explain in terms that a non electrical engineer might understand? Seems so conceptually simple for a non electrical type.

    P.S. If it matters, my VOIP application isn't Skype or Vonage. It is brand x.
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