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Variable Frequency Generator question

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    As you can probably guess by my last few posts, I'm looking into resonance right now. I thought it would be interesting to make a device that could hit a specific resonant frequency, maybe even smash an object. Sure, people have done it, but...fun :)
    Anyhow, I was looking on how to make one. Could I simply take an old set frequency generator (say, 10 KHz) and add a potentiometer in? THen just drill a hole, and you can twiddle it down and up.
    Otherwise, I'm not sure how to construct one. How could I produce the vibrations necessary—and more important, control their frequency—for a relatively low price?
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    dunno what country you are in. ?

    Variable frequency audio oscillators are relatively readily available even as kitsets for under AU/US$150 that go from a few 100's of Hz to up to 20 - 30 kHz
    If you are looking at breaking things with resonance you will discover that it is not just being able to attain the resonant freq of the object ( say a wine glass) you will also need to feed the audio signal into an audio power amplifier to get some significant level out.
    With a calibrated dB level meter you could then do some experiments to determine the audio level needed to just make the object vibrate and the level needed to make it shatter

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    United States, so I could probably buy one.
    Could I use Audacity to generate the sound, and jack it to a good speaker? If I could control the frequency of the sound by editing it, and use the speaker to amplify it, could I maybe get some noticeable vibration out then?
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