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Homework Help: Velocity Of The Ice As It Hits The Ground?

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    The John Hancock Center In Chicago Is The Tallest Building In The United States In Which There Are Residential Apartments. The Hancock Center Is 343m Tall. Suppose A Resident Accidentally Causes A Chunk Of Ice To Fall From The Roof. What Would Be The Velocity Of The Ice As It Hits The Ground? Neglect The Air Resistance
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    Seem pretty stright forward, what is your question?
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    1) What did you try?
    2) See above
    3) Think energy
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    Ok I Tried

    A= -9.8 M/s

    Looking For Vf=

    Vf^2=0^2+2 X -9.8 X 343

    And Then I Solved It From There
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    Looks like.
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    s=343 u=0 a=9.8



    v=82 m/s

    the mistake you've made is putting gravity as -9.8 when it is actually 9.8 as the object is accelerating towards the earth.
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