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Vergard's Law help¡¡

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    Hi, can anyone give me references about the Vergard's Law, i have heard about it through a couple of papers, but i haven't found a thing in my books. Where can i read about it??? thanks
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    Vegard's law is an empirical rule that's approximately true for many alloys, and it says that so long as changing concentration of an alloying element does not result in a change in crystal structure, the lattice parameter is a linear function of composition (at fixed temperature).

    So, for instance, if I know the lattice parameter of GaAs and that of AlAs, then I can linearly interpolate to find the approximate lattice parameter of any Ga1-xAlxAs.

    PS: See, for instance, Denton and Ashcroft, Phys Rev A 43, 3161 (1991)
    http://prola.aps.org/pdf/PRA/v43/i6/p3161_1 [Broken]
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    Thanks, and help again :)

    Thanks a lot for this information. I want to read the article you recommend me, but it ask for a password, obviously i don't have one, so do you know another free source of information about this ? every website that has information or papers about this isn't free. I am only and student and i can't pay 30 dollars for an article.
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    If you're a university student, your library should carry Phys Rev A.
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