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VLE attempt 2

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    Sorry bout putting the question in the form of like a homework problem, just didnt know how to go bout asking what i wanted.

    Basically can anyone explain how to do VLE calculations..

    So confused with the topic.

    Whats bubblepoint and dew mean..

    Cheers. Hopefully this post is ok for this forum.
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    "Basically can anyone explain how to do VLE calculations.. "

    You want it in twenty-five words or less? "You're in over your head."

    Little more detail? Put down that copy of Perry's, raise your hands, and back slowly away from the book.

    This a "self-study" project? State an educational level --- VLE can be a real waste of time if we take for granted you've had thermo (you say "VLE," and that implies some thermo), and find out you haven't.
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    Theres an actual question in the homework section, which i can't solve.

    I'm confused on which equation to use.. and whether the units need to be changed.. lot of confusion
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