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Voice-activated camera shutter - public domain

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    Would resultant photographs/videos be improved by equipping (still) cameras with a voice-activated shutter or (still/video) cameras with other voice-activated functions? Mine would be, as I shake and jerk indelicate mechanical shutters. Cheese!
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    Not very difficult to do but ambiant noise may be a problem. A touchdown in a Super Bowl may shoot a whole roll of film. I have the same problem though, if there's a bunch of us perhaps camera makers should devise something better. There's a slew of things out for the handicapped, a puff switch comes to mind.

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    It would certainly solve the problem of people not knowing exactly when the picture was going to snap. If folks know that when you say "say cheese", the "s" sound at the end will trigger the shutter, then noone will be caught blinking.
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    I can see this getting sales on simple "point and shoot" analogue and digital cameras, but not really getting much further into the market. It would as Lurch said be really useful for group photos.

    I can't see amateur or professional photographers paying money for voice activation when they could just go down to their local camera store and buy a good old fashioned cable release for 5-10 dollars.

    I think until it could compete with the price of a cable release it would remain a novelty item. (One that I think is a GREAT novelty item :wink:).
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