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Want to measure 2 different angles and make a calculation

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    i have a project where I need to measure 2 different angles and then take those 2 measurements and compute a final number. I was thinking about using inclinometers to do the measuring of the angles but am really stuck on what hardware/software to use. I was hoping to find something that is already off the shelf and can be purchased for a relatively reasonable amount. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas, your help is greatly appreciated!
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    if you need more info on what I am trying to do please just ask....thanks!
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    Since this is the electrical engineering forum and angles (apart from phase angles) are mechanical I think a clear statement of purpose is appropriate.
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    Why don't you just tell us instead of waiting to be asked?
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    Can you draw us a picture of your setup (the more detailed the better), and/or elaborate on what it is that you're trying to measure? There are a great many ways to measure angles, however, none are universally applicable. As well, what sort of output are you looking for? Are you interfacing with a microcontroller? Do you just want a display of the angle? Do you need it on your PC?

    To paraphrase Jerry Maguire, "Help us help you!"
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    sure, didn't know if it really was important what i'm trying to measure....measuring the angle in which rail is tilted inwards towards the inside of the track and then want to do compute a final number dependent on the 2 measured angles.
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    One device you can use to measure the angle is a "rotary encoder" -- you would probably want to use the absolute angle measuring version:


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    yes i know how to measure the angles that I need to measure but am stuck on the next piece of hardware/software to use that would take my 2 signals/outputs and make a final calculation
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    Well, the two most common ways would be to use a microcontroller (uC), or use a data aquisition device interfaced to a PC.
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