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Homework Help: Weather Balloon

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    A 507kg weather balloon is designed to lift a 4220kg package. What volume should the balloon have after being filled with helium at STP in order that the total load can be lifted.

    I have no idea how to start this problem...
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    Chi Meson

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    This is a bouyancy problem. Get to the Archemedes section of your text. Find densities of air and helium.

    The bouyant force balances the total weight of the balloon , tha package and the helium gas.

    I get a volume of 4260 m^3.
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    All right, so:

    W(balloon) + W(package) W(helium) = F(bouyant)
    4973.67 + 41398.2 + [0.179 * volume * 9.81](heluim) = F
    = 1.29 * volume * 9.81

    But what do I put if for volume..??
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    got it thanks
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