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WELLS Turbine design!

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    WELLS Turbine design! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello, PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP ME!??? I am student of Mechanical engineering and I have to solve some problems regarding the WELLS TURBINE DESIGN! Does anyone have any links regarding this topic?

    And also could anybody help me out with this? I would be very very grateful! (Maths is not my biggest strength :)

    1.How do you get the value U if alpha is in degrees and beta is pi/2
    cot α1 = U/VX1 – cot β1
    α1 = 90°
    β1 = Π/2
    VX1 = 265

    2.How do you calculate the values for Cθ and Cx based on the differentiation equation?
    dFθ = Cθ 550 dr
    dFx = Cx 850 dr
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    Re: WELLS Turbine design! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!

    β1 = Π/2

    Π/2 = 90°

    If that helps at all.
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    Re: WELLS Turbine design! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello, thanks so much for the reply!

    Do you maybe know about

    NACA 0012

    and how you get the alpha value?
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