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What course have you found to be most useful?

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    Hey fellow forum members,

    I just thought it would be interesting to hear what course you found to be most useful in your current day-to day role (occupation). It can be any course that you've taken at high school, undergraduate level, graduate level, or courses offered on coursera.

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    Wow. Good question!

    Statistics ranks pretty high - I use or see things I learned in that class probably every day.

    General Chemistry.


    Thermodynamics, but I rarely directly apply it directly. It just gave me a better understanding of "the world".

    Statics/Mechanics of Materials (tie).
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    Differential equations. A very boring class, but very useful class as well.
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    Arithmetic? If limited to high school, probably algebra and pre-calc.
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    Technical writing is a big one. If you can't effectively communicate ideas, those ideas usually don't make it very far.
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    physics, more precisely, thermodynamics and mechanics - outside of the kitchen I work on anything with wheels.
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    Statistics for sure, now I wish I've learned a lot more about it, but that's because I'm a physicist going to financial mathematics.
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    Yeah that's a career path I'm considering (though I'm a physics undergrad), so I know I'll definitely need a lot of statistics/probability.
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