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What do I tell girls I am majoring in.

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    I am a current physics major and whenever I meet girls I need to know what major I should tell them I am in. I am saying finance for now but is there a better fit, what do yall tell girls you are majoring if you meet them outside of your field.
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    I was always honest about my studies, which were physics with specialty in nuclear and astrophysics, then nuclear engineering.
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    Why are you lying to people? Particularly over such a trivial matter?
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    I majored in finance, but I always told the girls it was physics.
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    I wonder why you're quite so ashamed of being a physicist? I would *never* have lowered myself to admitting to be a fine arts major or economist. What's cooler than studying astrophysics? :cool:

    Ah, unless you're trying to reduce the size of your harem by putting them off? Or a social "scientist" carrying out some bizarre on-line response study?
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    Is this you, OP?

    http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/33524000.jpg [Broken]
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    Cause lying to people is a wonderful way to start a new relationship...
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    You can tell her that you are a major in Advertising/Communication/English/Finance/Journalism/Marketing/Political Science/Psychology etc.
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    Don't bother. Girls can not distinguish between physicists and economists anyway. They will find you equally nerdy.
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    what about architecture lol? that actually sounds pretty good.
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    If you still aren't convinced then NPH himself has words of wisdom to offer. Good luck!
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    No. Dont tell her you are an architect. Rather tell her you're a building planner.
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    Can't get much cooler than this:

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    I usually say I'm a millionaire and have a house on the beach. They've never asked me what I study.
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    Never lie. It's a deal-killer when (not if) you are found out. Be nice, be respectful, and tell the truth.
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    Simply ask them what major they like you to be in!:biggrin:
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    Tell them you're studying to be a priest (seminarian). If that doesn't work, go ahead and make it the truth.
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    Assuming this isn't flame and you're really asking people on a physics forum what major to tell girls you're studying then I can pretty much assure you that you're not going to be able to pull off lying to them.

    Why do you think you need to do that in the first place?
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    I can see it having a polarizing effect. They may either recoil at your weirdness or be interested and attracted to it.
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