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What is the annual salary for a Physicist with a degree or Master's degree?

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    Hi, I will be starting college (grade 11 and 12 in the UK) in September 2012. I am very interested in Physics and Maths. I have always showed brilliance in those two subjects even in my early childhood. So I am planning to go for a Physics Master's Degree. I have a lot of family to support and I also have big dreams. I wanted to know if a Master's Degree in Physics could get me a minimum of £120,000 a year. I haven't been introduced to all of the fields of Physics, so I would like to have an average and a minimum please.
    Thank you,
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    It depends.

    The nominal minimum is zero pounds a year. If you consider opportunity cost, the minimum may be lower than that.
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    And note that most of that discussion is about PhDs.
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