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What is the direction of hinge force?

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    how to find direction of hinge force?
    for example ,if a disc is hinged at a point on it's circumference and is exhibiting a rotational motion due to gravity,what is the hinge force?
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    This depends on the movement of the hinged object. It will be whatever it needs to be in order to keep the hinged point fixed.
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    Although I did not fully understand the question you are asking, I will assume you are asking the force causing the rotational motion of a disc on a surface, which is perpendicular to the edge of the disc. In that case you can think of the direction of the frictional force as the tangent line to the disc at the point of contact. Hopefully this was the question you were asking, if it weren't could you please rephrase the question?
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    Can we have a sketch?
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