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What stars/star systems can I see tonight?

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    I live in Florida, and I've been looking for a website that will tell me what the sky will look like over my location and what each star is, but I can't find it.
    Anyone know if anything exists similar to what I'm describing? Thanks.
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    Your best bet is to get an astronomy app for your smart phone or tablet if you have one. If not then this is a great reason to get one. The app I use is Distan Suns and its keyed to device orientation so that I look up at the sky and aim my phone in that direction and it will tell me about the constellations, stars and Messier objects that I should be able to see.

    There are several good apps beside Distant Suns all of varying capability so check the reviews and wait for others at PF to reply.
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    There's plenty! This one is nice clear and simple:
    but you might find something more to your tastes just by googling something like 'night sky online' or 'planetarium online'. Give it a try.
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    Stellarium is another for the PC
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    I remember one year when I was observing galaxies with my astrophysics class, a few of the students had that app. I was amazed. And yes, that would be extremely useful if I had a smartphone. I plan to get a smartphone eventually, but don't have the money right now for one.
    That's a really good one. I'm going to try to use that. I live in the city and in order for me to use the program, I need to be near my computer so I can go in and out of my house to check to make sure I'm seeing what I want to be seeing.
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    yup Stellarium is my fav
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