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What to do when language in a text gets rough

  1. Aug 23, 2007 #1
    specifically a pure math book? I'm reading this textbook and sometimes it takes me so long to figure out what the theorem or something is actually saying. I can't tell whether parts of it are supposed or are conditions or if they're using some characteristic of another proven part of the concept.


    it's so annoying cause for about 12 pages i really liked this book due to its rigor now its rigor is killing me.

    its this one


    if anyone knows a book like this, thats develops all the concepts from scratch, but is clearer I would very much like to know.
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    You can do a varity of things:

    1) Pick up a new book on the subject and compare wording.
    2) Re-read.
    3) Attempt to complete the proof before the text gives it to you (this is a skill that you should start working on anyway, because many of the graduate math texts I have used tend to assume you can prove the almost every theorem they give you without too much insight).
    4) Ask a professor to assist you are stumped.
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    in particular since it is a math book u should tend to be more intutive than looking for proofs in the book once u satisfy urdelf with an example then probably u will fell lot better.
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    You've chosen an old book to look into. Try Arfken and Weber. The words are more common.
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