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What transmitter can send the data over 1km?

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    i want to ask what transmitter model can send the data over 1km?
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    Any transmitter that has an output power of about a watt will do this provided it has a suitable input for data.

    However, all countries have laws that make this illegal without a licence. Penalties can cost you a lot of money or see you rot in jail.

    So, unless you live on a remote island, you should check on the local laws before doing this. If you do live on a remote island, you should use VHF to avoid transmitting beyond line of sight.

    Having said all that, there are certain frequencies in some countries that you could use to do this. Citizens Band (27 MHz) , model remote control bands (71 MHz) and Wireless networking frequencies (2400 MHz) may not need a licence in some countries. Even then, there is an obligation to not interfere with other users on these bands and there may be power limitations.

    Talk to the people at the Radio Frequency control authority in your city and ask if there is a legal way of doing what you want to do.
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