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Homework Help: What type of Accelrator is the LHC?

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    I am writing about Particle Accelerators

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    I am writing an essay on particle accelerators, and I am trying to find out what type of accelerator the LHC actually is, but I cannot find anywhere that actually says what type it is.

    Wikipedia says that is has several other accelerators used to get the particles up to speed before entering the LHC itself.

    From what I can gather, the LHC is a circular Accelerator, which uses magnets to accelerate particles? - I could be wrong here. This would say to me that this is a betatron if I didn't know that betatrons are only used for electrons.

    Any ideas would be most appreciated,


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    You'll need to do a bit more work than "uses magnets". You need to look at the various types of accelerators, understand their principles, and ideally be able to draw a diagram of one. Then look at the design of the LHC: it will look much more like one than the others.
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    I believe the LHC is in the Synchrotron class of particle accelerators. From what I do know, the LHC varies both magnetic fields and frequency of the electric field.

    You probably will need to double check this to confirm, as this is a bit outside my field, but hopefully it will steer you in the right direction.
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    Well, so far, I have researched:

    Linear Accelerators - Obvious Difference here

    Next on my list are

    Synchrocyclotrons and isochronous cyclotrons

    Looking up synchrotrons, I see a resemblance. I should have properly looked up the last two properly before I jumped ahead to CERN :redface:. I thought I looked at synchrotrons, but obviously not.

    Best to research and write about synchrotrons before the LHC, I think.



    Edit: I looked up Synchrocyclotron, not synchrotron, which confused me.
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