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What're the superspace formulations of SUSY Yang-Mills of D=10, N=1,2,4,8,16,32?

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    When N=1, is the superspace formulation of 10D SYM the same as the 4D SYM, except the differences of the coefficient and gamma matrices?

    For the extended SUSY in 10D, are the superspace formulation available for N=2, 4?

    How about N=8, 16, and 32?

    Thanks for any tips you may tell me.
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    As far as I know, the superspace formulation exists only for N=1.
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    "N" I mean here is the number of supersymmetries.

    For 10D, there is one supercharge with maximally 32 SUSY components.

    But for low dimension, why it is said that we could have good superspace formulation for at most 4 supersymmetries for any theory and at most 8 SUSY for pure gauge theories.

    What's the consideration here?
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