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Whats the common name of this course

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    i got this course which is called "introduction to EE"

    here is some circuits from the test


    also there is NOTRON and TABNIN terminology

    i am looking for a video lectures on this course
    whats his common name??
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    Are you talking about Norton and Thevenin equivalents ?
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    what is name of the course from which this stuff is being taught??

    i am looking for a good video lectures for this course
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    Something like: "electric circuit theory 101" ?
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    i didn't find any video lectures for "electric circuit theory 101"

    is there something else??
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    Just try 'Circuit Theory'
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    circuit analysis?

    Is it an introductory module? If so, then you'll be dealing only with linear devices (resistors, capacitors, inductors). You'll probably won't cover diode and transistor operations till you've taken a non-linear devices course.
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    Here, MIT not too long ago started offering their courses online free of charge. This course even has videos.


    What you want is " Circuits and Electronics"
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    ye i use MIT course

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