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Where can I get Kaza Software?

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    www.download.com no longer allows Kaza to be downloaded from there. They say you have to go to the Kaza homepage. But there it costs money.

    Does anyone know where/how I can get the Kaza file-sharing program? Preferably the older version since the newer version doesn't work that well.


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    for the adware and spyware, there is a nice utility called system mechanic. I used the 30 day trial to remove the spyware, adware, ect. I love system mech. Very useful for many other things. I got the full version. I can't figure out how to use everything in the full version. The trial is easy to use. I think you can get it at www.download.com, but that's not where I got it.
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    I use the direct connect networks, it has never failed me yet.
    Use the dc++ client to connect http://www.dcplusplus.com/ its open source so you can even compile your own version (line 275 in ShareManager.cpp is interesting ;).
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    Yup, I have to second the vote for direct connect. It isn't quite as dummy friendly as kazaa, you actually have to search for stuff, but it is still rather simple.

    What I love about it is the entire way its setup. Reminds one of IRC, only with better features, less vulnerable to script kiddies, and in general a friendly network with anything you could want.

    Its free, and I've yet to hear the RIAA gripe about it.

    The original version isn't too bad either, you can find it at www.neo-modus.com[/url], or [url]www.networkingfiles.com[/URL].

    As for kazaa, search for Kazaa lite, I've been told it doesn't have any spyware, but I don't mess with kazaa anymore. Also, if you are after music, you should check out winamp 5.0. They have an online radio and tv setup. The radio stations are awesome covering almost every genre of music. Save hd space and aviod the music industry crooks.
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