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Where to self teach Algebra 2?

  1. May 14, 2014 #1
    So I made another post to explain my position, and I need to learn Algebra 2B this summer (The B part or second half) In order to test out of it next school year and then take trig. So I was wondering if anyone knew a good source to self teach algebra 2B, maybe an online course, or a website that goes over all of it in a way where you could learn it well enough to test out. A free Online Course of some sort would be the best. If not any of the already mentioned, what else? Thanks.
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    I have no idea what "Algebra 2B" is and I bet few on this forum do. You should find out the actual topics it covers. That's really going to be your first step if you want to learn the topics by yourself.
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    I've never checked it out but I've heard that the Khan Academy is good for such things.
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    I suppose not knowing exactly what is covered in the class could be a problem. I might be able to see what the class actually entails later, but currently we've been doing Binomial Expansion, factoring i.e. difference of two squares and stuff like that. Again, I'll try and get more info but if you know of any good sites that would be helpful. I'll check out what khan academy is, thanks.
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    Ask the teacher of it for a syllabus or list of topics. Or ask your current teacher.
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    Algebra 2B likely is second half of Intermediate Algebra. No need for any fancy website. Use any good Intermediate level Algebra textbook. Three months study time should be enough.

    The topics in the second half of Intermediate Algebra are likely to be Conic Sections, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Sequences and Series, Nonlinear Systems and their graphs.
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    Khan academy really is great for that sort of thing. I'm an adult that returned to school and I learned algebra, geometry and the like from Khan academy and now I am finishing my third year of Electrical Engineering with a math minor (maybe a second major.)

    or more specifically for you

    He has short 5-10 minute video lectures and exercises you can complete to test your knowledge. He is a good teacher and it is a great website. I've even used it occasionally as a supplement to my multivariable calculus and differential equation classes. I highly recommend it.
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    Saylor academy. Their "Beginning and Intermediate Algebra" is crystal clear and it might be accredit.

    I hated monitoring through topics in Khan's! Having a CC pdf book is much easier & quicker for indexing!

    In my opinion better study from a book and have some supplement videos from Youtube or Khan.

    I also wish if I have "college algebra and trigonometry" by Richard N. Aufmann and others and it's solution manual that'll be better too.
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