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Teaching myself geometry, algebra 2, and calculus.

  1. Dec 4, 2014 #1
    Hey, I am a freshman in High School and I have a very superior IQ but I am in normal classes. This is due to ADHD and I used to be lazy in school. Anyways, algebra 1 is VERY boring. I want to teach myself geometry, algebra 2, Pre Cal, and Calculus because I love math. Also I feel like it will prepare me for college (PhD in Theoretical Physics) and perhaps I can skip courses through the rest of high school. Anyways, I am wandering if there are any good books or free online classes to where I can teach myself these. I may also want to add that I am a very fast learner.
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    Thank you very much.
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    Khan Academy is lacking in practice questions for most subjects right now but is constantly being updated. The explanations are very easy to understand, and there are usually practice questions between subjects that force you to apply things you learn, as you learn.
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    Also, alot of popular text books are available for free in pdf form with a simple google search.
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    One thing that you may also look into doing is talking with the teachers of those classes at your high school and see if you could check out a book for the subject for self study. Then you'll be doing the same things that the current students of those classes are doing. If you plan on skipping classes talk to your administration about doing so, as there is usually a credit requirement needed for graduation and you may have to take the classes anyways.
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