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Where to study engineering in Europe in English?

  1. Jan 29, 2009 #1
    Hi. I'm going to finish high school this year and go to university in autumn. However, as everyone knows, application deadlines are coming up very soon. The branch I'd like to study is definitely engineering, mechatronics if possible. I would like to study in Europe, in English and with a reasonable tuition fee (so I'm not interested in UK, except Scotland). Also, the study language is an important matter (the only one, but Latvian, is English for me. I have already signed up for IELTS and have it at the beginning of March). As I've heard, The Netherlands is a good choice (from other people's experience) though I may be a victim of a commercial, because their ambassador in Latvia, visited our school promoting studies in The Netherlands.

    So, can anyone recommend anything?

    Thanks a lot.
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