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Which book for Advanced Engineering Math ?

  1. Dec 5, 2009 #1
    I have used Thomas' Calculus , now what should I consider next (mainly for Differential Equations/Complex Analysis/Fourier Transforms etc.) I heard Kreyzig is good , any recommendations on that ?

    PS: Actually I found Thomas' to be very good, but when I read Courant's Calculus text, I felt as if I was doing very elementary text.

    PS2: Oh , and if there's an electronics guy reading this, i am also looking for a text on Basic electronics of transistors.

    Thx all !
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    I like Greenberg's Advanced Engineering Mathematics book the best of the ones that I have looked through. His chapters on complex analysis and ODEs are pretty typical, but I like his treatment of linear algebra and PDEs better than the other engineering math books I have read. I own the 5th edition of Wylie and Barrett, which I would not recommend in general. The price of Greenberg is pure robbery, however. I would look for used copies.

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