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Which if any chatity do you support

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    Which if any chatity do you support, i have made up my mind to support just
    one, but which one, they all seem so needy, i do not want to throw my money into a bottomless pit, which one has the minimum (overheads) and
    payed staff ? does the most good .
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    I support only my local food banks and shelters for children. If a special need should arise from, say a house fire. I buy food and clothing vouchers and give them right to the family.
    I also donate blood when I am able.
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    Yeah that's actually pretty good to do 'cause with those sorts of charities you know that a good portion of your money is actually going to the cause.

    I don't believe in any of the big charities 'cause I think that they only invest a small portion of your money to the cause. I especially despise World Vision.
    There are hardly any good charities out there and you really need to do your research on them.

    At the moment I just donate blood when possible, but there is one charity that my friend said he'd get the information on. It is meant to be pretty good with actually using most of the donated money directly for the cause.
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    My wife and I support the Salvation Army, since they seem to be the people doing the most good around here. I wouldn't give a dime to the Red Cross - they are bloated and useless. We also support the United Bikers of Maine's Toys for Tots program and the local animal shelter. I made the mistake of sending a generous check to the Salvation Army for Katrina relief - now they send letters asking for money regularly. I should have stuck to making anonymous cash contributions - they would get just as much money from us anyway, and they wouldn't have to pay for printing and postage for the form letters.

    If you like the animal shelter idea, call the shelter and ask them what they need most. I can tell you that when you show up with a load of expensive stuff that they use a lot (disinfectants and cleaning supplies, for instance), they are really happy. Every dollar you save them means that they might be able to hold out a bit longer to try to place a stray in a home, instead of euthanizing him.
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    I donated blood for the first time ever today. I don't support any charities yet though as I'm just a student still......heck I'm a charity case myself.....j/k
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