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White Dwarf GD 362 - signs of earthlike planets

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070816/sc_nm/space_dwarf_dc;_ylt=AlGS1eXRs8GTnZf2V8LFS04hANEA [Broken]
    Interesting possibilities! :cool:

    A Dusty Disk Around GD 362, a White Dwarf With a Uniquely High Photospheric Metal Abundance

    Infrared Emission from the Dusty Disk Orbiting GD 362, An Externally-Polluted White Dwarf
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    It would be most interesting to see how life might develop as a result of being in orbit around a white dwarf as opposed to a star like our's
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    Heh. I wonder if we'll see a total eclipse of another star this way. It's strange to picture an Earthlike planet larger than its sun. If we did luck out like that I suppose we'd get incredibly good data about its atmosphere.
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